The Nerby Group, Real Estate Services to Buy, Sell, and Invest



Residential Sales

The Nerby Group helps buy, sell, and invest in residential real estate all across the greater Sacramento area.

Commercial Sales

The Nerby Group is a partner with Intero Commercial. We help Sacramento investors and owners buy, sell, and invest in commercial properties. 


The Nerby Group will help you find the perfect investment that fits your real estate goals and investments. 

Group Investment & Syndication


Group Investment

The Nerby Group is a great place for experienced and new investors to go for group investments. We can connect you with the right project that matches our goals. 


The Nerby Group has access to local and national syndications. We also put together our own syndications for projects that we purchase as a team. 

Investing Education


Education First

Here at The Nerby Group we believe in education first. We want you to be successful. In order to do that we know that our investors will benefit from having a high level of education before entering into an investment. We feel that our investors should be armed to make their own decisions when the time comes to place your money. 

Recommended Reading

Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Building Wealth One House at a Time, Multi-Family Millions. 

Recommended Podcasts

Real Estate Guys Radio, Bigger Pockets, Old Capital Radio, Real Estate News for Investors, The Real Wealth Show, The Norris Group, Apartments Investing with Michael Blank.

Single Family Rentals



The Nerby Group will help you find the perfect single family rental in the Sacramento area. 


We have key partners across the nation that help our investors connect with single family rentals. Our key partners will help you on every step of the way from property identification, property acquisition, property management, and selling. 

Fix & Flip


Partner with Us

We fix & flip properties all across the greater Sacramento area. We are always looking for further partners to help us.

Private Financing

We partner with many investors who are looking for a return on their money. Call for further details. 




Multi-Family investing can have the potential for superior returns. We are looking for investors interested in partnering up on the credit side and the equity side. Call us for further details.